McClellan, the Pride of "Jersey Blue."


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Mcclellan. the Pride of “Jersey Blue.”

Arouse now Conservatives, the contest is begun,
Dark clouds now envelope the land of Washington;
Let uo make a noble effort, the darkness to dispel,
That after next November, we may cry. “All is well.”

A terrible misfortune on the Union has been sent,
To put down dire rebellion, our blood was freely spent;
But still the chasm yawns between the North and South,
Our brothers still are taken to face the cannon’s mouth.

We’ve supported Lincoln, through the Presidential term,
Our devotion to Union we will ever affirm;
But he has failed so completely, to save the nations cause,
That we are going to ask McClellan to put in force the laws.

You remember very well, the defeat of General Pope,
How the Capitol was threatened and deferred the nation’s hope;
How they begged our brave McClellan, their blunders to repair,
How he whipped the Rebel Army and fulfilled the nations prayer,

He can whip the daring Rebels, but you know they have allies,
You know that abolitionists, the Union do dispise;
Then give “Little Mac” the power, and disunion he’ll defeat,
To Abolition and Secession their deserts he’ll surely mete.

For the glorious Constitution and the Union let us cheer,
For the election of McClellan let us nobly preservers;
And when the battle’s over and the smoke had cleared away.
We’ll welcome, gladly welcome, the nations brighter day,

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