M'Clellan's Farewell to the Army of the Potomac


Auner, Stationer and Printer, 45 North 9th St., Philadelphia, Pa.

M‘Clellan’s Farewell to the Army of the Potomac.

We’re the boys who are firm and ready,
Firm and ready we will be—
To compel our southern foemen,
With us and Union to agree.

Down on the banks of the old Potomac,
There we learned our duty well—
Those who live shall tell the story,
How nobly our brave comrades fell.

His parting words we all remember,
“To do our duty as before.”
We’ll follow the march of our new commander,
As we did with him we now deplore.

But that farewell caused us much sorrow,
Nor could we our grief restrain—
For men whose hearts were stout for battle,
With tears cried, “bring him back again.”

When around our camp-fires nightly,
When the wintry winds do rage—
We’ll speak of one whose name so brightly,
Will yield a charm to hist’ry’s page.

Auner, Song Publisher, 45. 9th St., Philadelphia, Pa

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