Meeting of Old Friends


Printed by Johnson, 7 North Tenth Street.

Meeting of Old Friends.

Now old friend we meet again,
Two years have rolled along,
Since we together crossed the main,
In the Albion staunch and strong.

Old veteran long you’ve stemmed the blast,
And like a sailor true,
Have joined Columbia’s sons at last,
To aid thy Country too.

Well might thy Country prize such men,
Old veterans brave and true,
And think of victories past, old friend,
Gained by such men as you.

I’ve marked the fire in thine eye,
When speaking of thy son,
A soldier not afraid to die,
A hero’s name he’s won.

But when the deluge first begun,
And called for soldiers brave,
Amongst them marched thy noble son,
His Country’s flag to save.

And many a battle he has fought,
And forced the foe to yield;
Mid fire and carnage fierce and hot,
Upon the battle field.

At Bull’s Run dark and sad defeat,
He bravely stood his ground;
For among the last to make retreat
This noble youth was found.

No laurels decked the warrior’s brow,
Who fought on that dread day;
There many a hero sleeping now.
Whose memorys passed away.

Darkness enveloped the fearful sight,
And night came on apace,!
The moonbeams shed its flickerihg light,
On many a ghastly face.

And those who bravely fought that day,
Lie in the deadly heap;
And bitter foes together lay,
There side by side asleep.

The tide of war rolled back amain,
They called for volunteers,
Though wounded twice, this youth again
Upon the field appears.

His bosom never harbored fear,
And valiant is his heart,
For brilliant is his whole career,
He bravely did his part.

And now old friend receive my hand,
Still may Columbia ever find,
Soldiers who for their country stand,
As that brave son of thine.

I’ll bid you now good bye, old friend!
And hope you’ll see once more,
Thy galland soldier boy again,
When this dread conflict’s o’er

And tell him of a shipmate too,
Who wrote those lines for him;
And crossed the briny deep with you,
In the Albion neat and trim.

And long may Freedom’s banner wave,
Above the brave and free;
And float around the soldier’s grave,
And sailors on the sea.

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