Mother Kissed Me in my Dream


The music for this song is Published by W. A. Pond & Co., No. 547 Broadway N. Y.

Mother Kissed Me in My Dream.

Lying on my dying bed,
Thro’ the dark and silent night,
Praying for the coming day,
Came a vision to my sight;
Near me stood the forms I lov’d,
In the sunlight’s mellow gleam,
Folding me unto her breast—
Mother kiss’d me in my dream!

Comrades, tell her, when you write,
That I did my duty well;
Say, that when the battle raged,
Fighting in the van I fell;
Tell her, too, when on my bed,
Slowly ebb’d my being’s stream,
How I knew no peace until—
Mother kiss’d me in my dream!

Once again I long to see,
Home and kindred far away,
But, I feel I shall be gone,
Ere there dawns another day;
Hopefully I bide the hour,
When will fade life’s feeble beam,
Ev’ry pang has left me now––
Mother kiss’d me in my dream!

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