My Love is a Zou-Zu



My Love is a Zou-Zu.

My love is a Zou-zu, so gallant and bold;
He’s rough, and he’s handsome, scarce nineteen years old,
To show off in Washington he has left his own dear,
And my heart is a breaking because he’s not here.

His parents taught him to be a Cavalier,
But the life of a Zou-zu he much did prefer;
For his heart’s with his Country in right, or in wrong,
And in Richmond, with Farnham, he’ll be afore long.

My fond heart is beating for him constantly,
But I fear his affections may waver from me;
For a sweetheart can be found in each State, I am told,
By a young man, a Zou-zu, only nineteen years old.

And now for my Zou-zu I grieve and repine,
For fear that his brave heart may never be mine;
All the wealth of Jeff. Davis, in cotton or gold,
I would give for my Zou-zu only nineteen years old

For his spirit was brave, it was fierce to behold,
In a young man bred a Zou-zu, only nineteen years old.

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