National Guard's Camp Song


National Guard’s Camp Song[?]

We’re the boys that’s gay and happy,
Fearing naught that war may bring;
Care and sorrow left behind us;
Merrily, merrily, still we sing.

We’ll emulate our great forefathers;
Franklin, Adams, WASHINGTON!
Fort Sumpter we’ll remember too,
That shall be our Lexington!

We don’t fight for only glory,
But for Justice, Truth and Right!
The Constitution and the Union,
And the Stars and Stripes so bright!

Death to cowards, death to traitors;
That shall be our rallying cry;
We’ll all be gay and happy,
When we see Jeff. Davis dis.

I’m bound to make my fortune;
I will plumb it out of lead;
I’m promised a ten thousand,
If I bring Jeff. Davis’ head!

Here’s success to our Commander,
When he’s by we know no fear;
If he would say “Up Guards and at ’em,”
We would rout them with a cheer!

All the girls that we’ve left behind us,
Wives and children, all so dear;
Our hearts would warm towards them,
But they are far away from here.

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