The New Version of the Colored Volunteer


The New Version of the Colored Volunteer.

When the Twenty-fourth Regiment first began to form,
The boys kept at a distance, afraid to brave the storm,
But now they’re rushing in the ranks without any fear,
To join the noble Twenty-fourth, and be a Volunteer.

It was said sometime ago, that the negro would not fight,
But when they gave us arms, and all a soldier’s right;
And sent us to the field, how we made the Rebels stare,
For they could not stand the charge of the Colored Volunteer.

When the Rebels made a dashing raid into our noble State,
We all became impatient, and for orders id not wait,
But went unto the Governer, and took him unawares,
For he did not know he’d find so many Colored Volunteers.

Now over twenty thousand men, we’ve sent into the field,
Who came from Pennsylvania, their country’s flag to shield;
They’re crowned themselves with laurels, their memory we revere,
The Nation now will always bless the Colored Volunteer.

Now we’ve raised another gallant band of brave and noble men,
For the present they are stationed at Camp William Penn;
Colonel Wagner is our leader, with him we’ll danger dare,
For his faith will ne’er be shaken in the Colored Volunteer.

Now to the twenty-fourth, my boys, three hearty cheers we’ll give,
And to her noble officers, long may their memory live;
They all have proved their courage, and will us onward cheer,
When Johnny Rebs dare to confront the Colored Volunteer.

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