New Yankee Doodle


New Yankee Doodle.

Burst all my buttons off my coat,
Knock my boots asunder;
I’m mad as forty—yes I am,
And is it any wonder?
To see our glorious Union thus,
On the brink of dissolution;
By treason now combining ’gainst
Our Laws and Constitution.

They first pull down our stars and stripes.
And seize our forts and ships, sirs;
Then swear that we’re coercing them,
If we open but our lips, sirs.
Now, darn my picters if it’s right;
’Mongst traitors they must rank in:
If Uncle Sam warn’t over kind,
He’d give ’em all a spankin’.

At taming horses Rarey’s great,
’Tis true, there’s none surpasses;
Give him the reins of government,
Perhaps he’d tame these asses.
They kick against ’most every thing
That comes in shape of reason;
But wait till they get short of corn,
A compromise may please ’em.

South Car’lina, let her went!
She’s always been a cuss, sirs;
E’er since I know’d my A B ab’s,
She’s tried to pick a fuss, sirs.
Her sons have got no bringing up,
That’s plainly to be seen, sirs;
And if I aren’t mistaken now,
They’re darned eternal mean, sirs.

There’s traitors North, as well as South,
Who keep up agitation;
They never care a pin about
Our Union as a nation.
Oh, don’t I wish I had my way!
I’d hang up ’bout a dozen;
Jeru-sa-lem! I think ’twould stop
There everlasting buzzin’.

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