New York Volunteer


J, WRIGLEY. Publisher, of Songs, Ballad’s, and Toy Books, Conversation, Age, and Small Playing Cards, Alphabet Wood Blocks, Valentines, Motto Verses, and Cut Motto Paper &c. No. 27 Chatham Street. (OPPOSITE CITY HALL PARK) NEW YORK

New York Volunteer.

’Twas in the days of ’76,
When freemen young and old;
All fought for Independence then,
Each hero brave and bold:
’Twas then the noble “Stars and Stripes,”
In triumph did appear;
And defended by brave patriot’s,
Then Yankee Volunteers.

Now there’s our city Regiments,
Just see what they have done,
The first to offer to the State,
To go to Washington;
To protect the Federal Capitol
And the Flag they love so dear,
And they done their duty nobly,
Like New-York Volunteers.

The rebels out in Maryland,
The madly raved and swore,
They’d[?] let none of our Union troops
Bass[?] through Baltimore;
But the Massachusetts regiment,
No traitors did they fear,
But fought their way to Washington
Like Yankee Volunteers.

Now there’s the noble “SIXTY-NINTH,”
Just see what they have done;
They dug ten miles of trenches
Way down at Washington;
Now they are reorganizing
Under Thomas Francis Meagher,
And they’ll avenge brave “Corcoran,”
Like New-York Volunteers.

Then there’s the noble firemen,
Every ready one and all,
To quench the burning elements,
And obey their countrys call;
They never shrink from duty,
But you’ll always find them near,
To avenge brave Col. Ellsworth
Like New-York Volunteers

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