The New-York Volunteer


H. DE MARSAN, Publisher, 54 Chatham str. New-York.

The New-York Volunteer.

’Twas in the days of ’76,
When Freemen, young and old,
All fought for Independence, then:
Each hero brave and bold!
’Twas then the noble Stars and Stripes,
In triumph, did appear,
And defended by brave Patriots,
The Yankee Volunteers.

Now, there’s our City Regiments:
Just see what they have done:
The first to offer to the State
To go to Washington,
To protect the Federal Capitol,
And the Flag they love so dear!
And they’ve done their duty nobly,
Like New-York Volunteers.

The Rebels, out in Maryland,
They madly raved and swore
They’d let none of our Union troops
Pass through Baltimore;
But the Massachussetts’ Regiment
No Traitors did they fear;
But fought their way to Washington,
Like Yankee Volunteers.

Now, there’s the noble Sixty-Ninth;
Just see what they have done:
They dug ten miles of trenches,
Way down, at Washington.
Now, they are reorganizing,
Under Thomas Francis Meagher,
And they’ll avenge brave Corcoran,
Like New-York Volunteers.

Then, There’s the noble Firemen,
Ever ready, one and all,
To quench the burning elements,
And obey their Country’s call;
They never shrink from duty,
But you’ll always find them near,
To avenge brave Col. Ellsworth,
Like New-York Volunteers.

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