The New--York Zouaves


H. DE MARSAN, Publisher. Songs, ballads, toy books, &c. 60 Chatham Street, N. Y.

The New—York Zouaves, or Fire—Brigade—by

Ye Southron rebels, clear the way,
Or stand to meet with traitors’ graves,
For Ellsworth soon will show you play,
And make you curse the fatal day,
You from the Union went astray,
To meet with the New-York Zouaves.

Our fire-Brigade, with courage true,
Shall whip you worse than your own slaves,
Stripes and Stars Black, red and blue
They’ll carve upon the traitor crew:
So all the world our flag may view
Replaced by the New-York Zouaves.

Old Pickens boasts on Sumpter’s wall
That the Palmetto rag now waves;
Shall it there stand to mock us all?
Shall Stars and Stripes unheeded fall,
While we can find a sword or ball
For to equip New–York Zouaves?

No, by the swords of seventy—six,
We’ll soon show Davis and his knaves
The near way to the River Styx,
To show old Charon Southron tricks,
When they’re dispatch’d by fighting Bricks
That now compose New–York Zouaves.

Shall ugly plugs of Baltimore,
Who come out with stones and staves,
Get leave our Patriots’ blood to pour,
And drive our soldiers from their shore?
No, no, by Hell! In flames shall roar
Their City first, by York Zouaves.

God guard you, boys, you’ve oft been tried,
When duty calls you’re not afraid
To beard-the Lion and take his hide,
Or face the fire-King in his pride:
When you shall charge, then woe betide
The foes that face the fire-brigade.

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