O, Lovely Dixie's Land


D, Lovely Dixie’s Land.

O, lovely Dixie’s land,
Where fruits and flowers grow;
O, lovely Dixie’s land,
So threatened by her foe!

O Christian Dixie’s land,
Where “darkies” dwell in peace,
Dear Christian Dixie’s land,
Where Heathen orgies cease!

Sweet, smiling Dixie’s land
Where mid-day suns are warm,
Sweet smiling Dixie’s land
Can do the world no harm!

What lures to Dixie’s land,
Invaders from the North,
Is it for Afric’s sons
To grace their household hearth?

They love their “Massies” well
They love their patch of earth,
They love their banjos too
Amid their evening mirth.

For down in Dixie’s land,
The cotton fields are white;
And ne’er in Dixie’s land
Crowd beggars at the gate.

O touch not Dixie’s land
Ye Yankees full of art,
Her sons shall ne’er again
Be one with you in heart.

Then spare dear Dixie’s land,
Nor drench her soil with blood,
But leave dear Dixie’s land
To answer to her God!

But if dear Dixie’s land,
Shall echo to your tread,
O, then dear Dixie’s soil
Shall hold your conquer’d dead!

For down in Dixie’s land
There dwell the noble brave,
And down in Dixie’s land
You’ll find a gory grave!

The sons of Dixie’s land,
Are nerved, with patriot might—
The sons of Dixie’s land
Are panoplied in right!

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  • Item ID
  • DCMI Type
    Still Image
  • Creator
    Ridgely, N. G. (Nicholas Greenberry), 1841-1882
  • Title
  • Illustrated
  • Extent
    24.5 cm x 12 cm
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