Oh! Bless Me, Mother, Ere I Die


Oh! Bless Me, Mother, ere I die.

Oh! bless me, Mother, ere I die,
A wounded soldier said;
You’ll be so very lonely now,
Alone, when I am dead;
Think kindly of me, when I’m gone,
And sometimes breathe a prayer:
That, when my sufferings shall cease,
We’ll meet together there.

Oh! tell me, Mother, tell me true:
Who gained the victory?
Are all my comrades gone, Mother,
Am I alone with thee?
My eyes grow dim, I can not see..
Oh! fold me to you heart,
And kiss me once again, Mother..
Oh! kiss me ere we part!..

I hear soft music on the air;
Oh! cool my burning brow..
The Angles beckon from above..
I feel so happy now!
So, bless me, Mother, ere I die,
And fold me to your heart..
You’ll miss me, Mother, very much,
Oh! kiss me ere we part!..

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