Oh Jeff! Why Don't You Come?


Oh Jeff! Why don’t you come?

Jeff Davis are you coming? we’ll be glad to see you here!
We’ll give you hearty greeting, you’ll be welcome everywhere!
You’ll find a subjugated set, appeals are all in vain!
They’ve disbanded all our police, and arrested Marshal Kane.

He was a gallant gentleman, the city’s boast and pride!
With Baltimore’s best interest, his name’s identified!
Not being “Picayune Butler” stripe, whenever there was a fray!
To quell it, with his brave police, he boldly led the way.

And when Abe’s starving, soldiers did begging to him come!
He gave them food, and words of cheer, and kindly sent them home!
So, while you ar e rewarding all those who’ve suffered pain!
And privation in our cause, Jeff, remember Marshal Kane.

We had a Captain Smith here, which one, I can’t decide?
Perhaps t’ was him of Halifax, for whom Miss Baily died!
He arrested each small newsboy under ten years old he’d meet
And tore up all your photographs, and strewed them on the street.

If you scare them so on paper, oh! Jeff, what will they do?
When you come along in person, and prepare to put them through!
When you conquer Abram and his crew, and there’s no such word as fail!
Have the tar and feathers handy give each a separate rail?
And when you’ve had your fun out with the Abolition band,
Just hang them high as Haman and purify the land

I’m but one among the million, looking up to you from far
But I love the light of liberty, and you it’s brilliant star!
Giving promise of a brighter day to each fair Southern home,
Oh! we honor and respect you, then Jeff! why don’t you come

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