Old Abe Lincoln!


Song. Old Abe Lincoln!

My name it is Abe Lincoln,
I lead a wretched life,
I come from Springfield, Illinois,
Me and my dear wife.
We brought with us our dear son Bob,
To let the people know,
That the country I would plunder and rob,
Where ever I would go.

When we arrived at New York,
The people there were glad,
They paid me so much attention,
I thought they ’ed drive me mad.
There was dinners, balls and parties,
And every thing you know,
So them to good old Harrisburgh,
I did resolve to go.

When I got to that city,
I was so much scared,
That I’de never get through Baltimore,
I was very much afraid.
But with my Scotch cap and military clock,
I thought I was all right,
And I slipped through that city,
‘Bout twelve o’clock at night.

So I fooled the Plug Uglies,
As nice as ever could be,
For ’till one o’clock the next day,
They were gaping and looking for me.
But I was snug in Washington,
With Seward by my side,
And left my wife and my son Bob,
On than fated train to ride.

But now here all safe with me,
With two hundred thousand men,
Than run away from Bull Run,
And I am afraid they’ll do it again.
For old General Scott has got the gout,
And cant go in the field,
And the Generals now in the army,
Aint fit a tin sword to wield.

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