Old Jeff's Dream


Old Jeff’s Dream.

He “dreamed a dream” “right smart” one night.
Which made his “hair” stand bolt upright.
He thought he saw “Old Abram” stand
With “mall” and “beetle” in his hand.
He says “Old Jeff’ your “race is run.”
Your “day of grace” at last has come:”
For fear that “you” may “get away”
I’ll “mark” you with the “U.S.A.”

He says, “old gent,” a few days hence
Around “your” land I’ll have a fence;
But “some” I must to ‘judgment’ bring,
And let them from the gallows swing.
But “those” that have “repentant” grown
And will the “stolen” corn now own,
I will into “my bosom” take
And “nurse them” for “old friendship’s” sake.

My “right to rule” you did deny.
And did at once “all laws’ defy;
You thought to “ruin” our fair land.
To scatter “treason” was your plan;
You thought the “North” was “fast asleep.”
And for “sweet pence” would “quiet keep;”
But here “you” found out “your mistake,”
For “Yankees” always are “awake.”

You stole “my arms,” you stole “my eash,”
Then for “my chair” you made a dash;
You made “your” soldiers useful hands
To carry out your “wicked” plans
You played the “rogue.” they played the “fool,”
And made “themselves” a willing “tool:”
And when “we” would not “compromise”
You thought to “blow us” to the skies”

You thought to “flood” our land with “slaves.”
And “mix” with them the “Southern knaves;”
You thought to “buy and sell” them here,
As Dutchmen would the “Lager beer;”
But when “you” found this was “no go,”
You tried our “Union” to overthrow;
Because “we” would not “tamely” yield
You thought to “drive us” from the “field.”

“One thing” at least, I think you’ll own.
That “you” have somewhat “wiser” grown;
And should “you” even “live to die”
My “laws” again you won’t defy;
Your “glory” soon will “go to pot,”
Your “castles” now begin to rot;
Your “cash” is worthless in your hands,
And “chattles” turned to “contrabands”.

Your “fields” and “shops” deserted are,
The “negroes” gone and “you” know where;
“Fair Dixie’s” land yourselves must “till”
And “toat” the gist off to the mill:
The “hoe cake” in the fire will burn
Before “Miss Dinah” will return.
Let others by you “warning” take.
And “pause” before it is too “late”

You fill a “place” that “some” call great,
The “chair of treason” not of “State:”
But “right” with “wrong” is sure to “win,”
And “virtue” triumph over “sin;”

You have some “leaders” that fight hard,
Like “Longstreet,” “Lee” and “Beauregard;”
But “they” like others “soon” must fall.
And “march” below with “Old Stone wall.”

If “you” should go to “realms on high”
And there our “banner” should espy,
You would “secede” at once to “Hell”
Where “all” your Southern “friends” must dwell;
The time will come when “all must die”
And stand before “our God” on high,
Where “each” will get his “honest due,”
And “Satan” give his “chair” to you.

There is a “storm” a gathering nigh
That will your “shelter” soon defy;
You soon will hear such “thunder roll”
As will “disturb” your “inmost soul;”
The “bolts” will fall both thick and fast
And soon “destroy” your “sinking” raft;
Then in “despair” I’ll hear “you” call
For “rocks” and “mountains” on you fall.

Now in despair you’ll “cry to go”
And “dwell” with “friends” that dwell below;
To “hide” you from all “mortal’s view,
From all that’s “lovely,” good and “true:”
And form this “world” you’ll pray to glide,
Your “numerous sins” on earth to hide:
And when “your flag” trails in the sand.
“Our flag” will seep the “Rio Grande.”

I called “my boys” out of the “field”
To make you “Southern Rebels” yield;
We made “your land” with “blood to flow,”
And strewed “your fields” with dead you know;
My “sentence” just now I will bring
That for “foul treason” you must “swing;”
And then again our “flag shall wave”
O’er freedom’s land” and “traitor’s graves.”

Pray tell “your wife” she need not fear
While “Honest Abram” is so near;
When you are “dead,” why, then she can
Fly to “the arms” of Abraham.
He saw “Old Abram” raise “his mall,”
And then for “mercy” he did call;
His “cries” awoke his “better half,”
She found him bellowing “like a calf.”

He says, “dear wife,” you are “undone,”
You must soon lose “your Jefferson.”
Oh! don’t you hear the “trumpet” blow?
It’s “judgment day” and I must go;
I soon before “my God” must stand,
I’m growing “faint,” pray, where’s your fan;
She says, “dear Jeff.,” don’t take on so.
’T was nothing but our “rooster’s crow.”

I “never” heard of such a “sight,”
A “judgment day” come in the “night;”
I am “convinced,” I am so glad,
It was the “nightmare” that I had
He turned his “face” towards the wall,
Then for some “brandy” he did call;
“Keep dark,” dear wife––don’t “tell I mean,”
How “I” got frightened by a DREAM.

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