O'Toole & McFinnigan on the War


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O’toole & Mc Finnigan On The War.

Two Irishmen out of employ,
And out at the elbows as aiz’ly;
Adrift in a grocery store,
Were smoking and taking it lazily.
The one was a broth of a boy,
Whose cheek-bones turned out and turned in again;
His name it was Paddy O’Toole:
The other was Misther Mc Finnigan.

—I think of enlistin’ says Pat,
Because, do you see.. what o’clock it is?
There’s nothin’ adoin’ at all,
But drinking at Mrs. O’Docharty’s;
It’s not until after the war
That business times will begin again,
And fighting’s the duty of all.
— Be jabbers! You’re right, says Mc Finnigan.

— Bad luck to the Rebels, I say,
For kickin’ up all of this bobbery;
They call themselves gintlemin’, too,
While practisin’ murder and robbery;
Now if it’s gintale for to stale,
And take all your creditors in again,
I’m glad I’m no gintlemin’ born.
— I agree with you there, says Mc Finnigan.

— Joost mind what old England’s about,
A sending her troops into Canaday,
And all her ould ships, on the coast,
Are ripe for some treachery any day;
Now if she should mix in the war..
Be jabers! it makes me head spin again;
Ould Ireland would have such a chance..
— You’re right, sir, says Misther Mc Finnigan.

— Och, murder! me blood’s in a blaze,
To think of bould Corcoran leading us
Right into the camp of the bastes,
Whose leeches so long have been bleeding us!
The Stars and the Stripes here, at home,
To Canada walls we would pin again,
And wouldn’t we raise them in Cork!
— Don’t spake of the thing, says Mc Finnigan.

— Hurroo for the Union! me boys,
And divil take all who would bother it!
Secession’s a nagur so black,
The divil himself ought to father it.
Hurroo for the bould 69th!
That’s presintly bound to go in again:
’Tis Corcoran will lead ’em, d’ye mind:
— And I will go with them, says Finnigan.

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