Our Beautiful Banner!


Our Beautiful Banner! Dedicated to Mrs. Abraham Lincoln. Written by Mrs. Louis F. Neagle.

Our Beautiful Banner forever shall wave,
Every man will take arms the true colors to save,
While rebels attempt this sweet Union to sever,
Destroy them, good heroes, they’ll conquer? no, never!
The patriot’s blood flows wild through his veins,
Until in this cause he some victory attains,
His name is enrolled as a soldier of war,
Though victory be his, we may see him no more.

The cannons may roar, but the brave have no fear,
With the traitors approaching so timidly near;
With the heaven’s for a cover, the earth for a bed,
Many lose life and are laid with the dead;
God save our Union, crush the enemy’s hand,
May the Stars and the Stripes wave throughout our land;
Our sires that planted the Red, White and Blue,
In their footsteps we’ll follow a Union so true.

How dismal the sound of the drum and the fife,
For the soldier goes forth at the risk of his life;
A home that is rich or a home that is poor,
Brings a tear at the thought, they’ll see it no more.
The Flag of our Union, our beauty and pride,
The patriot’s hand plants its staff far and wide;
Cleave to the Union, with heart and with hand,
The old number of States, and Three Colors we stand.

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