Our Beautiful Flag


Auner’s Printing Office, N. E. Cor 11th and Market, Philadelphia.

Our Beautiful Flag: Or, The Bonnie Red, White And Blue,

Come rally, brothers, rally, around the stripes and stars,
Fighting the odious rebel flag, that flaunts its triple bars;
A banner foul, dishonored, no emblem for the free,
For this the bonnie red, white and blue for evermore must be.

We’re all a band of brothers, we mourn this civil strife,
Still will we smite the rebel hand, that seeks our nation’s life;
O men of sunny Georgia! brave hearts of Tennessee!
Ye Texas rovers! Raise again, the banner of the free!

We never wished to harm you, we’ll welcome you again,
When you tear down the rebel flag, as brothers and as men;
When Sumter’s walls were battered, what could we, freemen, do,
But rally round our beautiful flag, of red, white and blue.

But down with South Carolina, that haughty, treacherous State!
Humble her tyrants in the dust, forever ignobly great;
But up with the Southern poor man! strike off the captive’s chain!
And rally round the starry flag, to sing in loud refrain.

Oh no, the “bonnie blue flag,” with one white ghastly star,
Never shall float before our ranks, to lead the brave afar;
But blend the hue of sunset, the bonnie red, white and blue,
Shall fire our souls with patriotic zeal, with hope and courage true.

A. W. Auner , Song Publisher, N. E. Cor. 11th and Market Philada.

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