Our Country's Flag


Our Country’s Flag.

Beneath the Stars and Stripes there stand
Our sons so nobly brave,
United by a holy hand,
Their courage fears no grave.

Let traitors boast but for a while,
We’ll meet them on the field;
The Stars and Stripes know naught of guile,
For freedom is our shield.

We’ll fight to conquer or to die,
Our cause is just and right;
“E Pluribus Unum” is our cry—
The Lord with us is might.

Rally, ye sons, ye noble men!
Buckle the armor on;
Follow your father’s footsteps, then
The battle will be won.

O glorious Union, happy land,
We’ll shed our blood for thee;
Thou sacred gift of father’s hand,
Thou land of liberty.

We’ll soon disperse our Country’s gloom,
We are and will be free;
The curse of God, the traitor’s doom,
Awaits our enemy.

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