Our Marshal Kane


Our Marshal Kane

Come and listen to my story,
From all lies I will refrain,
While I sing of great injustice,
Practised on our Marshal Kane.

He is just and good by nature,
Upright, honest-hearted soul,
He loves the truth, and scorns the traitor,
His works will receive the eternal goal.

He had raised our glorious city,
From a low and wicked state,
To its pristine former beauty,
In spite of Swann’s inveterate hate.

Shame upon you, Mr. Butler,
Shame upon you Mr. Banks,
For your tender disposition,
You’ll receive from us no thanks.

Taken from his bed at midnight,
By an armed and wicked band,
Locked up tight in Fort McHenry,
By a wretched Tory’s hand.

Oh remember, wretched creatures,
There’s a God in heaven who feels
For his servant thus ill-treated,
Their wicked heart to him reveals.

Oh you cat-fish, soft shell Lobsters,
Slippery Eels of brazen hue,
The Georgia Boys will soon be on you,
Then you’ll feel what they can do.

Oh, you pettifogging Lawyers,
Butler, Banks, and all the rest,
The Virginia Boys will soon be on you,
And drive you from you unholy nest.

Then will truth and justice triumph,
Then you’ll find whose been to blame,
God will open Fort McHenry,
And set free dear MARSHAL KANE.

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