Our Union, Right or Wrong


Our Union, Right or Wrong.

Rouse, hearts of Freedom’s only home!
Hark to Disunion’s cry;
Dear Liberty, beneath her dome,
Proclaims that danger’s nigh;
Come, let your noble shout go forth,
In trumpet-voices strong—
“We know no South, we know no North,
Our Union—right or wrong”.

The temple our brave fathers made,
The wonder of the world!
Shall they behold their sons dismayed
When treason’s flag’s unfurled?
Oh! never, by the glorious stars
Which on our banners throng!
Rouse, sons of three victorious wars,
For Union—right or wrong!

Our patriotic fathers’ shades,
With Washington on high,
Point to their blood anointed blades.
And to their children cry—
“Rouse, Freeman, to your fathers’ seats,
On to the rescue throng;
Defend the Union’s sacred stars,
The Union—right or wrong”.

Sons of the press, proclaim its worth
In telegraphic fires;
Bid Young America stand forth,
And emulate their sires!
Wake! sister States, and hand in hand,
Round Freedom’s temple throng;
Come, shout in one united band,
Our Union—right or wrong!

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