The Patriot Flag


The Patriot Flag.

Fling to the breeze the patriot flag
Its starry folds unfurl;
Though rebels flaunt their recreant rag,
And fierce defiance hurl,

If brothers must ’gainst brothers fight,
And brothers’ blood must flow,
God, as of yore, will guard the right,
And lay the traitor low!

The flag ’neath which our fathers fell—
’Neath which our braves have bled—
Shall, hallowed in our memory dwell,
Wave ever o’er our head—

As God has set His stars in heaven
Firm on their azure plain,
So shall the stars by Freedom given
Upon that flag remain!

Fling out the patriot flag on high,
In glory it shall wave;
Better a hero’s death to die
Than live a traitor-knave!

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