Rally Around the Good Old Flag


Auner, Stationer and Printer, 45 North 9th St., Philadelphia, Pa.

Rally Around The good Old Flag

Come rally around the good old flag, ye freemen of the North,
To assist your brethren now in arms, as patriots come forth.
Sickness and death has thinned our ranks, then come ye gallant men,
Nor longer stand but rush to arms, and fill them up again.

Come rally around the good old flag, it is dangerous to delay,
Your country now is calling you, we trust you will obey;
To save your homes and families, and all that we enjoy,
Which the traitors of the South declare they will destroy.

Come rally around the good old flag, before us stand the foe,
With all their strength combined, they’ve come, our government to overthrow,
Then rush to arms ye fearless men, aloof no longer stand,
Come forward now and lend us aid, to drive treason from our land.

Come rally around the good old flag, O let it not be said,
That you remained unconcerned, while others fought and bled;
But come on we humbly ask, lay other things aside,
And we’ll defy our enemy, our Union to divide,

Come rally around the good old flag, the flag of Liberty,
The flag for which our fathers fought, and left to you and me,
Then come to our assistance, men, this good old flag to save,
That it throughout the Union, in triumph still may wave.

A. W. Auner, Song Publisher, 45 North Street, Philada., Pa.

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