Rebel Gunpowder


Rebel Gunpowder.

John Harrolson! John Harrolson!
You are a funny creature;
You’ve given to this cruel war
A new and curious feature.
You’d have us think while ev’ry man
Is bound to be a fighter,
The women, (bless the pretty dears)
Should be put to making nitre.

John Harrolson! John Harrolson!
How could you get the notion
To send your barrels ’round the town
To gather up the lotion.
We think the girls do work enough
In making love and kissing.
But you’ll now put the pretty dears
To patriotic pissing!

John Harrolson! John Harrolson!
Could you not invent a meter,
Or some less immodest mode
Of making our slat-petre?
The thing, it is so queer, you know—
Gunpowder, like the crankey—
That when a lady lifts her shift
She shoots a bloody Yankee.

John Harrolson! John Harrolson!
Whate’re was your intention,
You’ve made another contraband
Of things we hate to mention.
What good will all our fighting do,
If Yanks search Venus’ mountains,
And confiscate and carry off
These Southern nitre fountains!

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