Buena Vista Guards


Bue[?]a Vista Cuards

The flag of battle we unfold,
Our Stars and Stripes once more, now,
We go to fight and still uphold,
Its honor as of yore, now.
We claim this Union as our own,
And will its laws defend, now,
Rebellion’s seeds shall not be sown,
While we’ve an arm to lend, now.

Undaunted to the field we go,
Though friends we leave behind us,
To brave the battle’s storm and foe,
As true as steel they’ll find us.
As Volunteers, with willing hands,
When right and justice but demands,
We’ll stand up for our Union.

The ladies, bless them every one,
With heart and soul they’re with us,
A soldier’s wants to aid they’ll run,
And smiles’ they’ll freely give us.
Our sick and wounded they’ll take care,
For which we will protect them,
And while the battle’s heat we share,
Bid traitors to respect them.

Our Union now must be preserved,
In spite the plot of traitors,
Rebellion chiefs and all who served,
Secessions vile debators.
To guard our land ’gainst treason’s stain,
We’re firm in resolution,
Our Government we will maintain,
Its Laws and Constitution.

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