Respectfully Dedicated to the True-Hearted, Brave and Patriotic Southern Girls


Recpectfully Dedicated

Daughters of the Suuny South
Where Freedom loves to dwell,
How rare your charms, how sweet your smiles,
No mortal lips can tell,
Your native hills, the rippling rills,
The echo wild and free,
Declare you born to hate and scorn
All Northern tyranny.

Girls, whose smiles are all reserved
The Southern youth to bless,
Whose hearts are kept for those who fight
For Freedom—happiness,
Your spirits bold so now unfold
What you would willing do
Were Yankee spite—the tyrants might
Not wielded against you.

For you your loving brothers rush
To o’erthrow the invaders’ might,
On martial field the sword they wield
And Yankee cowards smite.
“May Heaven bless with bright success
Each glorious, Southern Son,”
Be this your prayer, O maidens fair,
And our freedom will be won.

Southron girls! ere this we’ve sworn
The South must—shall be free,
No Northern shackles will be worn—
To them we’ll bow no knee.
From hill to hilt exultant, shrill
Our battle cry rings forth:
“Freedom or death’s” on every breath,
“And hatred to the North.”

Cease not to smile, brave Southron girls,
On all our efforts to be free;
Whilst life remains we’ll struggle on
Till all the world shall see
That those who fight for home and right
Can never be enslaved—
Their blood may stain the battle plain—
Their country must be saved!

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