The Retreat of the Grand Army from Bull Run


The Retreat of the Grand Army from Bull Run. BY

Way down in Virginia,
That glorious old state;
Old Lincoln’s grand army,
They tried very late,
To establish a footing
And enforce the laws;
That sprung from the White House,
From his lantern like jaws!

They started so early
On a Sunday it seems,
On the road to Manassas,
In the rear were the teams
With drums, fifes and trumpets,
They looked mighty gay;
But the Bull came across them
They all ran away.

Old Lincoln he started
When the army came back,
He blamed poor McDowell,
For going on the wrong track;
For risking his men,
When for them he had need
He kinder got riled,
And poor Mac he did supersede.

They have a new leader,
McClellan’s his name;
From Western Virginia
To the White House he came!
To please this young hero
Old Lincoln right then,
Wrote his friends in the North,
Send me down some more men.

Mr. Lincoln’s last order
Through sad to relate,
Shows that his grand army
Is in a bad state.
For he sent for the whole lot
Rag tag and bob tail,
Whatever you’ve got.

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