Seven Days Fight Before Richmond


H. DE MARSAN, Publisher, of Songs, ballads, Joy books, &c. No. 54 Chatham Street, N. Y.

Seven Days Fight Before Richmond.

Away down in Old Virginia, many months ago,
McClellan made a movement, and he made it very slow;
The Rebel Generals found it out, and pitched into our rear;
They caught the very devil: for, they found old Kearney there.

Again, at Savage Station, we met the Rebel foe;
That Gen. Sumner whipped them there, the list of killed will show;
Then, Fighting Josey Hooker, he came up with his train;
He met them on the third day, and whipped them over again,

The Rebels they still followed us, their numbers two to one;
But Little Mac, he let them see that Yankees would not run;
For, every place they attacked us, we dearly made them pay;
And, when the shades of night fell around, we coolly walked away,

Again they tried to surround us, and attack us in the rear;
But every place they showed themselves, they found the Yankees there;
Mac thought that he would stop the fun and bring it to an end;
The only way to do it was to send for Kearney’s men.

When we heard that Mac had sent for us, with joy our hearts did fill,
And we were quickly ready on the top of Malvern-Hill;
The Rebels, they advanced on us, but we were not dismayed;
They might as well have met the devil, as Birney and his Brigade,

The Rebels they commenced the fight by throwing shot and shell,
That was a game they soon found out that Kearney’s men could them excel
We fought them from the morning dawn until the setting sun;
Among the killed and wounded, why! they had three to one.

The 38th and 4th Maine were early on the ground;
The 3d Maine and the 40th soon showed themselves around;
Then came the 57th, we all done our work quite well,
As many a wounded Rebel form experience can tell.

When we came to James River, the boys began to cheer,
When they saw the little Monitor as up river she did steer;
The Rebel Gen. Lee got scared, and unto his men did say:
Here comes a Yankee Earthquake, we had better get away.

Now, all you Politicians, a word I have for you:
Just let Our Little Mac alone; for, he is tried and true;
And you have found out lately that he’s our only hope;
For, twice he saved the Capitol, likewise McDowell &Pope.

Now, I think I will finish and bring this to an end,
With three cheers for Little Mac. he’s every soldier’s friend.
I would like all Agitators and Politicians to understand:
If one can save the Union. why! Little Mac’s the man.

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