79th Regiment


H. DE MARSAN, Publisher, 54 Chatham Street, New-York.

79th Regiment.

Sons of Freedom, now arise!
Let your anthems rend the skies;
Shout: We will not lose the prize
Of Union and right.

No, we will not yield our right!
For it we will boldly fight,
And shew the Traitors we have might,
And will to wield it too.

Youthful hearts, with valor fraught,
By your Sainted Leader taught
To fight for Liberty and Right,
Onward to victory go!

See your Brothers brave laid low
By the bold assassin’s blow:
Arise! equip! to battle go
Fro victory!... or death!..

Lay the subtle plotters low,
Make them to your rigor bow..
Laurels, then, shall crown your brow,
And Heaven approve!

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