The Shoddy Contractor


AUNER’S PRINTING OFFICE, N, E. cor, Eleventh, and Market Streets, Philada.Pa.

The Shoddy Contractor.

I’ll sing to you a little song, made by a modern pate,
About a shoddy cloth-contractor, who owns a fine estate
In a street galled Fifth Avenue, where big bugs congregate,
And bears a good character, though his hours are somewhat late,

Before “this cruel war” broke out, he was what’s termed “a beat,”
And kept a small hand-me-down store, in Chatham street;
His neighbors they all marked him down as “on arrant cheat;”
But now he’ll pass his poor friends by, when e’er they chance to meet,

Now he keeps a stud of horses, the fastest in the town,
Dertermiued to outshine his neighbors, Smith and Brown;
In Broadway you may see him, daily, driving up and down;
And often, at Delmonico’s sipping champange he is found,

He keeps his shoddy-factory in a bye-street near Broadway,
Employs several hundred hands; but gives them little pay;
And if a poor soldier’s wife works hard, she can gain fifty cents a day
To support her little ones at home, while her husband’s far away,

At the Sanitary Fair, his name is on the list
Of subscribers for one hundred dollars; but of course, that won’t be missed;
He rents the finest pew in church, and always stands the grist;
For, the next government contract puts fifty thousand in the flst

At every war-meeting, he is sure to be seen there,
On the speakers’ plat-form sometimes he takes the chair,
Tho’ he can no more make a speech than Barnum’s grizly bear;
But he pays a man to write one, which he studies with great care,

You can tell him, in a thousand, by his lofty mien and tread,
This shoddy cloth-contractor, who has his Country bled;
But, tho’ justice may be sleeping, still she is not dead,
And soon will her avenging sword fall upon the heads,

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