Shoddy on the Brain


Shoddy on the Brain.

In times like these, the nation sees,
Dear friends, and not a few,
Who deal in rags, and coffee bags,
Press’d out, and dyed in glue.
These patriots strive to keep alive
The war, from Gulf to Maine,
They don’t propose, the strife to close,
While Shoddy’s on the Brain.

Dear Mister Lamb, has now a plan,
Since brown stone looks so coarse,
To build a stall with marble hall,
In which to keep his horse.
The stable nigh offends his eye,
Though proof ’gainst wind and rain.
For castles fair float in the air,
Since Shoddy’s on the brain.

A soldier bold, in town was told,
That Shoddy walked the street,
With cautious eye, he louged to spy,
The monster on his feet.
Just then a stoop, to tie his boot,
Gave pants a tighting strain,
A lady’s shriek! across the street,
Brought Shoddy on his brain.

’Tis sweet to muse upon the news,
How Shoddy at the ball,
Wore skirts of lace, with witching grace,
That fairly captur’d all.
And then those pearls, ’mid Grecian curls,
Appear’d like drops of rain,
That sparkle bright, in rain-bow light,
While Shoddy swayed the brain.

When church bells ring, the coaches bring,
The pious and elite,
The vulgar walk, and perhaps would talk,
Had Shoddy used her feet
A man in black, so sleek and fat,
’Tis—Jenkins with his cane,
Bows down so meek—shows them a seat,
For Shoddy’s on his brain.

While prayers are read, the hands and head
Are moved to catch the light,
That finger rings, and diamond pins,
Might tempt the feeble sight.
The eye grows dim—the choir now sing
Some operatic strain,
The vision past, too bright to last.
O! Shoddy on the brain.

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    Still Image
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    Warden, David A
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    16.5 cm x 14 cm
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