The 69th Brigade



The 69th Brigade.

My true love, William, to the war he is gone;
I’m in grief for his absence, I’m like a bird alone;
He’s a clever, handsome fellow, besides n dashing blade
He listed with bold Meagher, in the Sixty-Ninth Brigade.

Before my true love left me, he said he’d marry me;
I long for his return, that happy day to see;
He said he’d surely many me, of his word I’m not afraid.
He’s a Patriot and soldier, in the Sixty-Ninth Brigade.

At the battle of Bull-Run, ha conquer’d with each blow;
With his bayonet and his gun, he laid those Rebels low;
His Colonel there beheld him, and thus to Meagher said:
He’s a credit to his Country, and the Sixty-Ninth Brigade.

If this war was over, I’d leave you but once more:
That would be to cross the sea, to Erin’s lovely shore:
To put an end, for ever, to the landlord’s crow-bar brigade,
Under the gallant Leaders of the Sixty-Ninth Brigade.

They say the Queen of England went to Ireland, to try
How did her loyal subjects feel or would their pulse beat high;
She met no grand reception, from the people, it is said;
Their hearts and soul are centred in the Sixty-Ninth Brigade.

When hanger death and famine, sent one million to their grave,
She did not come among yon, then, their precious lives to save;
She made up a subscription and gent you fifty pounds;
Wasn’t that a blessed offering from the British royal crown?

The day is fast approaching, that all the world can see
That there must ho a total end to British tyranny;
Corcoran and brave Meagher, whose deeds shall never fade,
Will free Erin’s sons and daughter’s with the Sixty-Ninth Brigade.

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