69th Regiment


H. DE MAESAN, Publisher, 64 Ubatham Street, New York.

69th Regiment.

It was in the month of April,
As I walked out one day,
I met a woman weeping,
While walking down Broadway.
She was weeping for her Johnny,
Her dear and only son,
Who joined the Northern army
To fight in Washington.

Oh! Johnny, I gave you a schoolin’
I gave you a trade likewise:
When you joined the Volunteers,
You know ’t was my advice;
You need not go to fight your fees
So very far away,
And, Johnny, my heart is breaking
All for your sake to-day.

But since you’ve gone and left me,
No more will I complain:
For the Lord he will protect you,
Till you come back again.
But don’t Come back a coward!
’Tis better you should fall;
If you don’t return with honor,
Don’t you come back at all.

Now, all you brave New-Yorkers,
Just come along with me,
We’ll destroy the Southern rebels,
And save our Country.
The Stars and Stripes we will unfurl
In Charleston’s very town:
They we’ll dare Jeff. Davis’ hirelings
To tear that Banner down.

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