Soldier's Friend


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Soldier’s Friend.

He kneeled beside the soldier’s couch,
And bent above his head,
And to his lips the cool draught gave,
And kindly words he said.
He spoke of friends afar,
And asked, “Dear boy, what can I do?”
Have you no word for those at home,
Who love and think of you?
“O yes, kind sir, give them good bye!
And take the wish I send,
That on each day their hearts shall pray,
God bless the soldier’s friend.

And tell them how their boy fought well,
And struck the traitors low,
And then went down with mortal wound,
And face towards the foe;
And then, my friend, tell mother how,
You found me dying here,
Nor let me want for aught that might,
My dying moments cheer;
I know that she, and Mary too,
Whom God from ill defend,
Each passing day shall for you pray,
God bless the soldier’s friend.”

He smoothed the suffering boy’s brown hair,
And read the sacred psalm,
And strove to make the dying hour,
An hour of holy calm.
And when he closed those large blue eyes,
I saw the good man weep,
Such tears as hallow earth, and make
For death a sweeter sleep.
And oft I hear that brave boy’s prayer,
To holy heaven ascend,
And know each day his lov’d ones pray,
God bless the soldier’s friend.

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