Soldier's Prayer


Soldier’s Prayer

Almighty God! may we prepare
To offer up our fervent prayer;
For the President, may we be,
All united in sincerity.
The Flag that’s floating all around—
Never let it touch the ground;
O! may our prayers ascend to Thee,
That this may now end peaceably.
If it is Thy will, O Lord!
That we are here to draw the sword,
By Thy judgment guide us through
Whatever we may have to do.
It is by thee we are endued
With power to check ingratitude;
The bravest man that takes command,
Is weak, unless one by him stand,
May God inspire your hearts to be
Steeped in the cause of Liberty!
Then all the ways and means will be,
And you will save your sovereignty.
Our God is Judge! the One who sees
What the end of this will be.
Let God be praised and honored too,
In all your thoughts, and all you do.
The parting and the leaving home,
Our duty now it has become;
All that to their God are true
Will bravely say—adieu! adieu!
A way to the battle field we go—
The Lord will aid the patriot through.
May our prayers united be,
For grace and strength, O Lord! from Thee,
Our God, our Father, and our Friend—
All pray He may His aid extend.

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    Spencer, James B.
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    21.5 cm x 12.5 cm
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