The Soldier's Return to His Home


Johnson, Printer, 7 N. 10th st.

The Soldier’s Return

With weapons of death we have joyously parted,
No more to imbue us in bloodshed and sin;
We return to out homes once again joyous hearted,
A rough life to leave, and a glad one to begin.

We have toiled and suffered beyond common measure,
And left many comrade’s cold form in the clay;
But determined to save the bright banner we treasure,
Proudly it shall float o’er the land and the sea.

We go to our homes with our hearts full of gladness,
To meet with the loved, we’ve been parted so long;
And yet in our joy is a mingling of sadness,
For those who will ne’er hear the welcoming song.

There are many brave men with the sod lain above them,
When in battle they fell when the triumph was won;
But yet there are spirits that shall watch o’er and love them,
And grateful hearts praise for the deeds they have done.

We are thankful to God for the life that is spared us,
And guided us safe through this war’s wicked plight;
We will ever be grateful for his mercy towards us,
In conquering the enemies of justice and right.

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