A Song for Dogs


A Song For Dogs! 1864.

Our fathers were men in the days that are past—
What a pity it is that our fathers are dead!
They left us a heritage glorious and vast,
A charter of rights which they fancied would last—
Perhaps it is good that our fathers are dead!

Our fathers they brooked not the clank of a chain—
A tyrant might strive to enslave t hem in vain;
They’d have driven him back in confusion again—
Perhaps it is better our fathers are dead!

Had he fettered the press, had he padlocked the tongue
How the clangor of war o’er the country had rung—
How the flag of revolt to the breeze had been flung!
Perhaps it is best that our fathers are dead!

Had he dragged from his hearth-stone a citizen then—
And forbade him to come to his country again,
They’d have roused—but no matter! our fathers were men—
I think it is right that our fathers are dead!

Had the bayonet been brought to cheek votes at the polls—
How the insolent act would have fired up their souls!
Now, a deep sea of cowardice over us rolls—
’Tis a matter of joy that our fathers are dead!

Degenerate sons of the men who were brave—
What a pity it is that our fathers are dead!
The freedom is lost that our ancestors gave;
Your manhood, your honor, lie low in the grave—
Thank God, brother Dogs that our fathers are dead!

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