A Song for the Times or John Brown


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A Song for the Times or John Brown,

You all have heard of old John Brown,
A man he was right up and down,
Who, when he saw a thing was true,
Went straight to work to put it through, Put it through

He took good care to count the cost.
How much there might be gained or lost,
And found, he said, that either way,
The plan he had was sure to pay, Sure to pay.

The wise ones called John Brown a fool,
Because he kept the Golden Rule;
What he wished you for him to do,
He was at hand to do for you, Do for you.

What bad men make to pass for Law,
With old John Brown weighed not a straw,
And though enforced with all their might
Shook not his faith that Right is right, Right is right

It worked like madness in his brain,
To see his brother drag a chain,
And, let who would forbid or scoff,
Straight goes John Brown to strike it off, Strike it off

The slaves are black, but none the less,
His soul was moved by their distress;
He never stopped to mind the skin,
He only saw the soul within, The soul within.

Saw all their wrongs and all their shame,
Felt for the bound as bound with them;
Far better he were in his grave
Than live and never help the slave, Help the slave.

To stay his hand to shut his mouth,
They seized and hung him in the South:
His mouth is hushed, his hand is still
But old John Brown they could not kill, Could not kill

For now the soul of old John Brown
From North and West comes marching down,
With wild hurrahs and roll of drums
And roar of cannon lo, it comes: Lo, it comes!

Oh great soul of old John Brown,
Through all the land go thundering on,
Till all our armies, all our towns,
Shall all be full of brave John Browns, Brave John Browns

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