The Song of All Songs, No. 2


Written by JOHN F. POOLE Sung by

The Song of All Songs,

You've heard of many songs, but of one thing I'm sure:
Although you've seen the "Active Boy," and laughed at the CUES
You have not heard the song I am now going to sing,
And if you will but listen, I think it's just thing.
I stopped the other day at the Park, where you know,
They have got the penny-ballads sticking up in a row-
The titles I read, and, of course, so have you:
And if you will but listen, I will sing them all to yon.

There was "No one to love" "Gentle Annie of the Vale,"
"How are you Horace Greeley?" "A riding on a rail;"
"Let us stand by our Flag," tis "My Gand-Ma's advice,"
And "Abraham's Daughter" with "A big thing on ice."
There was "Bonnie Annie Laurie" and "Father Malloy:"
"Let me kiss him for his mother" he's "The Broth of a boy"
"Ould Ireland you're me darlin'" "I'm a dashing young blade,"
"Hurrah for the Starry Flag," and "Corcoran's brigade!'

"Do they think of me at home?" "I'm afloat, "I'm afloat!"
And "Don't despise a man because he wears a ragged coat."
Oh! "Happy be thy dreams!" good night "Annie Lisle,"
Along with "Old Bob Ridley," "I am sitting on a stile:"
Then "Rock me to sleep, Mother," and "Go it while you can"
"How are you, Green-backs?" or "Any other Man"
"Hunkey boy is Yankee Doodle," "He's the lad I adore;"
"We are coming, Father Abraham, six hundred thousand more !"

"Dearest, with thou love me more?" "I don't see the point,"
With "Glory Hallelujah" "The times are out of joint.'
"Old Uncle Snow" and the "Folks that put on airs;"
"We are marching along" with "The Four-and-thirty Stars."
"Robin Ruff and Gaffer Green" "Riding in a rail-road-keer"
"The Whole Hog or none" for a "Union Volunteer,"
"We won't go home till morning," I'll be "Free and Easy still;"
And "A hunkey boy is Sigel" with "The Sword of Bunker-Hill,"

"When this Cruel War is over," "Dearest, wilt thou be my bride!'
"We will jump into the wagon and all take a ride."
To the "Happy land of Canaan," we will "Root, hog or die,"
On "The other side of Jordan," "No Irish need apply.:"
Then, "Hold your horses," will you? Politicians "Clear the track,"
'Give us back our Old Commander," 'tis "Gallant Little Mac:"
The Flag of our Fore-Fathers, for ever shall float on,
The Flag of "Four-and-Thirty Stars," the Flag of Washington.

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