The Song of Company 1


Written by JOHN S. SETTLE, of Co. I.

The Song of Company I.

Ye Frankford Boys attention,
To sing a song we’ll try,
A few things we will mention,
Which will just suit Company I;
We have joined the Union Army,
To fight for a Holy cause,
For the Union, Constitution,
And enforcement of the Laws.

Our gallant first Lieutenant,
The second in command,
Now wears the badge of Honor,
Won in a Foreign Land;
He never will desert us,
What e’re may be the cause,
While we fight for the Constitution,
And enforcement of the Laws.

When the Rebels we do meet,
And bullets they fly thick.
We’ll charge them with the bayonet,
Saying forward, double quick.
Our second Lieutenant will be there,
He is sword for freedom draws,
For the Union, Constitution,
And enforcement of the Laws.

Soldiers we must now bid adieu,
To the girls we dearly love,
And if we meet no more on earth,
We will meet in heaven above.
Then let us take a parting kiss,
We’re engaged in a righteous cause,
We are fighting for the Union,
And enforcement of the Laws.

The Stars and Stripes triumphant,
In every State shall wave,
Or every man in Company I,
Shall win a Soldier’s grave,
But we will all return again,
And every tear be dry,
Of the Mothers, Wives and Sisters,
Of the Members of Company I.

Johnson, Printer, No. 7

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