Song of Many Songs


Song of Many Songs.

“Hosanna,” “Honest Abe,” “There’s Music in the Air,”
“All Hail to the Chief,” “The Gay Cavalier,”
“The Star Spangled Banner,” “The Song of Liberty,”
“Sweet Rose of Carolina,” “The Belle of Tennessee.”
“Yellow Rose of Texas,” “False one, I Love thee still,”
“ ’Tis Sad to leave your Fatherland,” “That’s So,” “Nanoy Till,”
“Let us Live with a Hope,” “Mary of the Wild Moor,”
“My Heart’s in Old Ireland,” cried “Rory O’Moore.”

“I have something sweet to tell you,” well “Dinah, blow your Horn,”
“Come, gather round the Hearth,” “The cot where I was born,”
“Nelly wants to Marry,” “I wish he would decide,”
“Joys that we have tasted,” “Sweep O,” Kitty Clyde.”
“Rip Tare my Jonny,” “Blow on, “Mary Blane,”
“Listen to the Mocking Bird,” see “Billy he goes Lame,”
“Remember, Love, Remember,” “My Skiff is by the Shore,”
“Good Night,” Pretty Sallie,” “I am off for Baltimore.”

“I’m afloat,” “Down the River,” “Row, Brothers, Row,”
“There’s room enough for all,” “Way down in Cairo,”
“Now Hoist up the Flag,” “The four and thirty Stars,”
“Hail to the Union,” “Kissing through the Bars.”
“Was my Brother in the Battle!” “The Boy with Auburn Hair,”
“The Butcher Boy,” “Invincible,” “The gay Cavelier,”
“The Battle Cay of Freedom,” “in numbers one and two,”
“We’ll Rally round the Flag, boys,” “The Red, White and Blue.”

“Tho Conscript and his Lady,” “The Lady’s Reply,”
“Lilly and her Soldier,” “The Spider and the Fly,”
“The Star of the North,” “The Star of the West,”
“Gilmore, vs. Beauregard,” “The Old Oaken Chest.”
“Brave Son’s of Colnmbia,” “We’ll have the Union still,”
“Daughters of America,” “O Sing with a will,”—
“E Pluribus Unum,” “For a Hundred Years to come,”
“Glory Hallelujah,” to the name of Washington.

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