Song of the Baltimore Rebels


Song of the Baltimore Rebels.

Let us join the army, let us join the army,
Let us join the army, and drive the Hessians home.

When we drove them from us, our friends down South did say
Be quiet there in Baltimore, and we will name your day.
Just open up the Northern gate, down to Washington,
And let them bring their biggest crowd, and their biggest gun.
Let us join the army, &c.

Well down they come a rushing, you’d thought the game was up
To see such crowds of Hessians and Yankees all mixed up.
They mustered their Grand Army, McDowell had the lead,
And marched off for Manassas, at a moderate speed.

For five days they were marching, and burning houses down,
But scowled at by the women, while passing through their town.
The sixth day they made Bull Run, but there the gate was shut,
For Beauregard and Johnson had their men drawn up.

McDowell tried to get through, by using craft and skill,
And for awhile his men went at their work with a will.
But the Maryland boys were angry, being driven from their homes
Poured hotly on the Hessians and crushed their quaking bones.

Then commenced the races, the Yankees had the lead,
Driving up to Washington at a fearful speed
Leaving on the battle field all their slain and maimed,
And millions worth of property the Dixey boys had gained.

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