Song on the Death of Col. Ellsworth


Published and for sale by J. MAGEE, 316 Chestnut St., Philadelphia.

Song on the Death of Col. Ellsworth,

Ye fathers and sons of Columbia,
Ye daughters who honor the brave,
Come join in my song to the mem’ry
Of ELLSWORTH the gallant Zouave.

T was he who first led Freedom’s Phalanx,
Across the Potomac’s blue wave,
Whose blood stained the threshold of Treason,
A martyr our Union to save.

When he saw Treason’s proud banner waving.
No danger his valor could quell,
And when his hands tore it asunder,
By a coward assassin he fell.

But as his brave soul fled to heaven,
It breathed forth his parting huzzas.
And his blood, while it shamed the dark traitors
It hallowed his Country’s cause.

He fell like the Spartan youth WARREN,
In a green but a glorious grave,
Yet a nation’s warm tear-drop shall water
The bed of our gallant Zouave.

Then swear by the blood of our hero.
Which flowed Treason’s shores to lave,
To follow Secesson’s base Neros,
For revenge on our gallant Zouave.

Here’s glory immortal to ELLSWORTH,
And honor to BROWNELL the brave,
Who avenged the foul death of his colonel,
Like a true and a gallant Zouave.

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