Southern Battle Song


Southern Battle Song.

Come gallant sons of noble sires,
Whose bosoms glow with patriot fires;
Whom love of fatherland inspires
Come to the rescue, come!
Your country calls you to her aid,
She bids you draw your battle blade;
In hireling gold you are not paid
To fight for friends, and home.

The Southern heart base bribery spurns,
From golds corrupting art it turns;
Tis fired with country’s love and burns
To strike the invader down.
Then to the front and meet the foe!
Deal death at aach avenging blow!
Let all your vile traducers know
You’ve won the victor’s crown!

What if they come in vengeful ire
To desolate with sword and fire;
We’ll force their millions to retire
Before our trusty steel.
Should tyrants on our homes intrude
We’ll stand again were once we stood,
On fields with Southern gore imbued
‘Mid battles rage and cannon’s peal.

They come with numbers, pomp and might
But we, though few, have God and Right,
To vindicate our cause and fight,
The battles of the free!
For what are fifty thousand slaves,
Matched to one arm that danger braves,
In freedom’s cause, defends and saves
The boon of Liberty?

Southerns! the world looks on alone you stand,
Defenders of your native land,
Most noble spectacle and grand
Avengers of the dead!
Of those who met the hireling throng,
(Proud in their might in numbers strong)
And died to crush despotic wrong;
Which love of plunder led.

March on, a God omnipotent and wise
Rains on you victory from the skies;
And all the powers of earth defies
To harm whom He defends.
The heavens will drop a radiant tear
And smile upon the bright career;
Of those whom God alone do fear
Him who victory sends. C.

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