Southron War Song


Southron War Song

Southrons, lo! the tyrants hand,
Stained with blood, pollutes your land!
Will ye cowards be, and stand
Trembling ’fore the foe?
Is it thus your fathers quailed
With their dearest rights assailed,
When a despot’s power prevailed,
Bowed they to him? NO!

Northmen would your sons enslave,
Hirelings now the banner wave,
Borne before your sires to save
And to make them free!
Strike it from their venal hand,
Float no flag above your land,
Let no foot upon it stand
But for LIBERTY!!

Shall ancestral glory die,
Or bedim the dazzled eye,
Palsied at the mystery
Beaming from afar?
Rather now to deeds of might
Let it valor’s footsteps light,
Gleaming on the patriots sight,
Freedoms burning star!

See ! the foul usurpers steel
Flashes o’er your country’s weal!
Rise, ere yet its doom they seal,
Strike them to the earth!
Scorn the threat’ning of their might
’Though it bring eternal blight.
Know no sovereign but the right—
Heritage of birth!

Let the fratrieidal fue
Who hath filled your homes with woe
Fall beneath your vengeful blow!
Will you recreant be?
Hail the glory of your sires!
Let it kindle slumbering fires!
Ere the holy flame expires
Strike for victory!

Nobler far a freeman’s grave
Than the palace of a slave!
Who dishonored life would save
Let him bow the knee.
Who with patriot fervor burn,
Who the tyrant’s fetters spurn,
Let them towards the spoiler turn.
Strike, they shall be free!

Raise your father’s ery of yore,
“GOD AND LIBERTY,” once more,
As their spirits hover o’er,
Here where once they stood;
When the vandals back wark borne
Fly from Southern steel and scorn,
Though your country’s wrongs ye mourn
Track them by their blood!

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