St. Patrick's Day


H. DE MARSAN, Publisher. Of Songs, ballads,

St. Patrick’s Day.

You, Sons of the Gael, wherever you kneel,
At home or abroad. I hope you will pray
For the land of your birth, the fairest on earth,
On the anniversary of Patrick’s Day.

That Apostolic man, when he entered our land,
He found her enduring druidical sway;
But those ministers of h-1 he soon did expei,
And converted our Island, on Patrick’s Day.

When that Norman of old, with his legions so bold,
Made the Saxons his slaves, as history does say;
Old Erin was then, with her learned men,
Admired by Europe, on Patrick’s Day

But fate had decree I that they would be freed
To fall on old Ireland, like wolves on their prey;
With jibbet and rack, they made other bones crack,
And caused Erin to weep, on Patrick’s Day.

The Saxons have tried, by torture and bribe,
To make our forefathers their country In tray;
But the torture they bore, and what is still more.
They have never forgot St. Patrick’s Day.

Our Isle’s sufferings, through ages, does s ain history’s pages,
And has caused us to wander from our home, far away,
In the land of the Free, or wherever we be.
To think of old Erin, on Patrick’s Day.

The exiles of Erin, if arms they are bearing,
All over the world, in battle array;
When that day comes around, they will always be found
Drowning their Shamrock, on Patrick’s Day.

Those brave Irish Sons, with their Yankee guns,
Are always first and last in the fray;
I pity the foe that before them does go.
When they march to the tune of Patrick’s Day.

That Gem of the sea, with me you’ll agree.
Her debts every Irishman should try to repay;
To have revenge of the foe, that leaves her so low,
On the anniversary of Patrick’s Day.

When I think of her plains, where Tyranny reigns,
And despotic landlords carry the sway.
I wish for the time, when with the Sixty-Ninth,
To land in old Ireland, on Patrick’s Day.

So, you that are here, be of good cheer.
Never mind what your enemies or others do say;
But prepare for the strife, for death or for life,
To rise for your rights, on Patrick’s Day.

So, now let us all attend to the call
Of our Country, who thus to her sons seems to say:
The time has come now; so, come with a vow
To drive out the Saxon, on Patrick’s Day.

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