Stand by the Flag


JOHNSON, Song Publisher, 7 N, 10th St., PHILA,

Stand By The Flag

Stand by the flag ye gallant sons,
Oh’ noble patriot sires,
Who led our brave, our fearless bands,
Through Britain’s deadliest fires.
Dim not a single star that decks
Our Union’s sacred ties,
But let each prtriot heart respond,
Aye, aye, ’till it reach the s

Our Navy ’tis Columbia’s pride,
Her flag it proudly bears
On every lake, on every sea,
Assail it no one dares.
Nail to the mast that starry flag,
Wide spread it to the breeze;
Strike for your homes ye gallant tars,
And freedom of the seas.

From north to south, from east to west,
Let union be our cry,
The Constitution be our guide,
Save both or swear to die!
Let Bunker Hill and Monmouth tell,
The trials of that day,
Where Warren and brave Mercer fell,
’Mid glory’s brightest

On Montezuma’s halls it waved,
Placed there ’mid grape and shell,
And while Columbia’s sons are true,
The cry must be “All’s well.”
Mount Vernon’s shade forever dear,
Oh, sacred be that spot!
Where ’neath that flag the Hero rests,
Freemen, forget it not!

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