Star of the North



Star Of The North, Or, Potomac;s Young Hero

Potomac’s Young Hero! Immortal his name,
Borne high aloft on the pinions of fame;
Well known as a soldier—intrinsic his worth,
McClellan, forever, “The Star of the North.”

Potomac’s Young Hero! being dismissed of command,
Burnside superceded and formed a new plan;
McClellan being ordered at Trenton to report,
When in splendor o’er Trenton, stood “The Star of the North.”

Burnside being promoted he made a bold dash,
’Twas then thought that Hooker might make a grand smash;
Gen. Meade then arose and led the army forth,
Shining next in splendor to “The Star of the No

No star hath appeared though never so bright,
Has yet for a moment eclipsed from our sight,
The radiant splendor of the polar’s fixed star,
Whose lustre and brightness is seen from afar.

Dark clouds in volumes upon volumes may roll,
Fierce lightnings and thunder may strike either pole;
Unmoved by the storm the polar’s fixed orb,
In its own native grandeur shines “The Star of the North.”

Potomac’s Young Hero! the theme of the brave,
On tablets of marble let his name be engraved;
Enrolled with the great, among the greatest of earth,
McClellan, forever, “The Star of the North.”

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    Anderson, A
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