States' Rights Song


States’ Rights Song.

YE STATES’ RIGHTS men, come one and all—
We’re going to have a battle
With those elected in the fall—
Abe Lincoln and such cattle!
Now Lincoln is a man who’s wise,
And full of Yankee notions;
He’s sent a fleet to be capsized,
When Charleston gets in motion!

Old HICKS is quite a valiant man,
A man of information;
When backed by DAVIS and his crew,
He’s smart as all creation;
But we know the tricks of old man HICKS,
They are the scorn of States’ Rights men,
And only fit for traitors.

And when old HICKS has sold our State,
And pocketed the money,
He’ll say my boys I’m all right now,
But you won’t think it funny;
Then ask him for the arms he bought,
But look well to the breeches,
For he’s got those will shoot both ways,
And land you in the ditches.

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